Uganda National Association of the Deaf

We’re a non-governmental and voluntary organisation bringing together all categories of deaf people.

We’re A Gender-Based advocate NGO

Advocating for gender services & equality for deaf girls and women under
vulnerable groups of children, youth and the elderly.

Education, Technical & Vocational Skills

Promoting formal and informal education for the deaf for purposes of enhancing
access to employment and participation in civic or economic purposes.

Advocacy & communication

Realization of the UN convention on rights of people with Disabilities
UNCRP & sustainable development goals.

We Listen, We take Advice, We learn

We Work Together

Mobilizelizing government, international organizations, civil society, private sectors and other stakeholders to support the deaf/disability community in Uganda translating commitments into concrete actions.


Helped People


Help the Deaf

Donate To The Deaf Campaign

Raise Fund For Shelter

It is impossible to live in our country without witnessing the pain of homelessness and hunger on our streets. Fortunately, compassionate and informed citizens, such as yourself, understand the reality of these problems and feel compelled to contribute to the
solution. our organization has taken a clear and honest look at the problems of homelessness and hunger in our city. However, upholding these intentions requires a good deal of financial support. As a nonprofit organization, we receive some funding from givers like you.

Raised: $159.00
Goal: $2000.00

Education For The Deaf

In an effort to ensure that the deaf person also has every academic advantage necessary to excel as productive members of the community and perhaps most importantly, society at large, we are reaching out to concerned earth citizens in hopes that they will join us in our education donation program.
We thank you in advance for your time and support.

Raised: $159.00
Goal: $2000.00

We make a life by what we give.

By donating, you’re giving a voice to the Deaf and strengthening their ability to live and feel loved.


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