About Us

The Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) is a non governmental and voluntary organisation bringing together all categories of deaf people including deaf persons with multiple disabilities (e.g Deaf blind persons.)

UNAD is a voluntary organisation registered in Uganda under Non Governmental Organisation statute of 1989. The Association was established in 1973 as a National umbrella organisation for all grass root Associations of the Deaf people in Uganda.


The 1995 amended constitution of Uganda recognized sign language thereby making Uganda the first country in the world to recognize sign language in the national constitution. As a result, sign language is allowed in schools and other public and private places. We started a diploma course in sign language at Kyambogo University.

A sign language dictionary has been produced which also made Uganda the first country in Africa to produce a national sign language dictionary.


Most Deaf people live with hearing people and families but opportunities for such families to learn Sign Language are often limited. Therefore Deaf family members tend to be left outside the natural communication and daily interaction that takes place.

However, communication and interaction are basic human needs through which an individual learns the basic social skills. It is our aim that the Deaf citizens in our country are guaranteed full participation and equal opportunities in society.