Who are we?

The Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) is a non-governmental and voluntary organisation bringing together all categories of deaf people including deaf persons with multiple disabilities (e.g Deafblind persons.)UNAD is a voluntary organisation registered in Uganda under the Non-Governmental Organisation statute of 1989. The Association was established in 1973 as a National umbrella organisation for all grass-root Associations of the Deaf people in Uganda. Uganda National Association of the Deaf is a member of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), Uganda National NGO Forum and many othersUNAD is consulted by the government and official bodies on matters concerning Deaf people and DeafnessUNAD’s primary task is to look after the interests of Deaf people communicating in Sign Language to provide services for them and to act as the expert in this sector. The Association’s activities encompass the whole human life span, from enhancing the status of Sign Language and improving the availability of information for education and training, culture and social services.UNAD has cooperation partners both nationally and internationally. They include Action on Disability and Development (ADD) Action Aid International Uganda (AAIU), National Union of Disabled Person of Uganda (NUDIPU), Disability Rights Fund (DRF), the United States African Development Foundation (USADF) and the Finnish Association of the Deaf (FAD).


To advocate for the Human rights of deaf persons, promote Sign language and access to quality services like education and health services for Deaf people in general and build capacities of Deaf Associations.


Dignity for every Deaf person in Uganda


Respect for our culture of Sign Language.
Transparency and Accountability.
Education and Diversity in Skills



Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) is a duly registered organization that represents all the deaf communities in Uganda. UNAD’s vision is dignity for every deaf person. UNAD exists to raise awareness, promote sign language, advocate for the rights of deaf persons and building their capacities. 
UNAD established a vocational training and resource center where UNAD conducts training in vocational trades including sign language and business management. The center contributes to the alleviation of social and economic challenges faced by the deaf. Technical and business training enhances the ability of deaf persons to start their own business and to improve on the already existing ones. The Centre is fully registered with the Directorate of Industrial Training. Although, the center primarily targets the deaf community and hearing persons, about 90% of the beneficiaries are deaf people.

Below are the Training Courses Offered and fees for the boarding/residential program. 

Tailoring and fashion designing. 

450,000  Ugx

Knitting and weaving.                    

450,000  Ugx

Saloon and hair dressing.

450,000  Ugx


450,000  Ugx

Carpentry and Joinery.

450,000  Ugx

Sign Language.  

450,000  Ugx

Additional dues.

Admission fees:  30,000/= (Payable once)

Development fee: 50,000/= (payable per year)

Uniform:  80,000/= (payable once) 

Medical fees: 20,000/= (payable every term)

School sweater:  30,000/= (payable once)

Course materials.  

Tailoring: Bitege (2 rolls – 124,000/=), Gomesi (6 yards, lining, buttons – 35,000), PV (4metres – 36,000), Nylon (4metres – 10,000), sponge mattress (1/2 inch – 24,000), Buddes (5 pairs – 5,000), zip (for bags – 12,500), Bobbin case – 15,000 (Total 261,500) 

Carpentry (Both first and second year students): Timber, nails, vanish, sand paper wood glue bolts (Total – 220,000). 

Knitting (Both first and second year students): Dozen of Ribbon kitting yard 222,000, Burton 10,000, sewing threads 4,000, machine oil 2,000, (TOTAL 238,000). 

Personal Requirements.

✅Ream of paper
✅3 bars of washing soap, one Kg of Omo, 6 pieces of bathing soap
✅Enough toothpaste and toothbrushes for 3 months
✅A basin, slippers comb and Vaseline
✅10 rolls of toilet papers
✅1 note book
✅Enough clothes and sweater
✅Sanitary pads for girls (4packets)
✅Mattress, Blanket and 2 pairs of bed sheets and a mosquito Net
✅10 litre jerrycan, a plate cup, spoon, folk
✅A Bible/Qur’an
✅Pocket money, eats and sugar
✅Macintosh for bed wetter
✅1 little bottle of Jik
✅2 Brooms
✅2 bottles of 370mls of sanitizers
✅At-least 4 stripes of vitamin C tablets

Legal Documents.

✅Academic documents
✅3 passport photographs
✅local council 1 recommendation letter
✅Medical Report