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Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) is a duly registered not-for-profit organization that represents all the deaf communities in Uganda. UNAD was established by deaf persons themselves in 1973 as an umbrella organization bringing together all the different categories of deaf people in Uganda. Since her formation, UNAD has grown from being a small association to a national one representing Deaf Associations in the various districts of Uganda. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics national census (UBOS, 2014), there were approximately 1,083,964 Deaf people in Uganda. However, due to the inadequacies in data collection in addition to the fact that deafness is invisible, UNAD estimates the deaf population in Uganda to be much more.
The vision of UNAD is “Dignity for every deaf person”.
The mission of UNAD is “Building capacities, promotion of Uganda sign language, and advocating for the rights of deaf people. 

Communication barriers faced by the Deaf persons prevent their integration, full participation in family, community and enjoyment of human rights entitled to all members of society. UNAD’s core competence, thus is the development and promotion of Uganda Sign Language so as to bridge the communication barrier between deaf people and hearing people.  


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