UNAD Through 2013: The Year In Review

Friday, 22 November 2013 16:40 Written by  Eroku Simon Prince

Deaf people in Uganda of which many success stories have been heard and told among the successes was seeing Uganda enshrine Sign language in its National Constitution, a recognition Uganda holds as the very first in the whole world wide, then the completion the state-of-the-Art resource and training Centre constructed and equipped with support from the United States African 

Development foundation (USADF) through the Uganda Development Trust (UDT) the resource Centre is now fully operational with a number of training courses that offer vocational skills such as Tailoring, Carpentry, Joinery, Knitting among others, many students have since enrolled and annually, we have released dozens to the independent living world; a world where life is more about what you make it economically!

That aside, 2013 has seen UNAD commemorate the 7th edition of the international Deaf Awareness week (IDAW) in Soroti District Eastern Uganda under the theme “ Equality for Deaf persons in Uganda” UNAD continues to make deaf people and their plights visible for the full realization of a society where dignity is prevalent and all deaf people exercise their rights like others.

Another big break through of 2013 and the subsequent years that followed it was the continuation with the empowerment of Deaf youth, with the ever raising need to give young people a voice in the economic, social and political spheres resounding across the global arena, UNAD is not letting the opportunity to create space for young deaf people slip away, last year under the support OD-W, Norway through SIGNO, UNAD renewed its emphasis on accelerating economic independence of deaf youth through the release of Start-Your-Business and Improve-Your-Business Grants to success full young Deaf entrepreneurs in the districts of Kampala, mukono, Mpigi. UNAD continues to build on the concept of Youth empowerment to maximize youth potential to influence change in their communities.

The above and many other achievements such as the continuous advocacy on the ammendment of the PWDs Act 2006, the initiation of a pilot project on Inclusive education in Soroti district, continous formation of more district Deaf association (Currently we have a membership of 62 District Deaf Association ) hosting the first ever East African Deaf Youth Education and Leadership Summit among others are on record over the year 2013 and we at UNAD feel that there is more room to make a more resounding success story.

Happy New 2014

A lot of initiatives and plans are in place for 2014 and this site will surely keep all our audience informed.

We will keep updating on the development, also, check out our Facebook page for more frequent updates and any inquiry.

Happy new year 2014, we stand United for a dignified deaf community!