UNAD is mandated by UNAD constitution which states that all members of UNAD must pay annual membership fees.

Membership fee is thirty thousand Uganda shillings (UGX 30,000) per year per District. As per UNAD constitution, the Board has a mandate to either increase or decrease this membership fee which started at 10,000 shillings in 1990’s but it has been increasing due to inflation and other factors.

That is what makes you a member of UNAD. It helps us know who is a registered member of UNAD. When you are a member, we share opportunities and information with you; we recommend you to new partners, we help you in your advocacy efforts to make services work for Deaf persons in your districts; we help you to make your voice heard at national level as your umbrella association.

The projects implemented in few districts are pilots which are meant to show mainstream society the best practices in integrating Deaf persons.

This means that though they are implemented at district level, they are nationally designed. Such districts act as “implementing sites”. Secondly, most of critical issues to be solved for the Deaf to access services require national decisions.

Take an example of education, when we lobby, advocate and implement interventions for ministry of education, science and technology and sports to improve education of the Deaf in Ntinda, Mbale, Wakiso, Masaka, Fortportal etc, all Deaf persons benefit.

Are all students from Ntinda School of the Deaf from Kampala district only? Are all Deaf students at Mbale Secondary school for the Deaf from Mbale District only? The answer is absolutely NO.

That’s why even if you do not have a project in your district, you benefit from UNAD work. Another example is UNAD work to influence policies/laws in favor of the Deaf persons’ benefits. There are many examples but space does not allow me to go further.

You lose your right to participate in any UNAD activities. You also lose your right to vote at any top decision making meetings. UNAD also stops involving you in her activities and your concerns as a district are not given top priority though we continue helping individual persons who are facing problems in your districts.

This is because most of the time decisions to not to pay membership fee are made by few errant leaders who do not consult. In other cases, the leaders collect the membership fees from members but misuse them.

YES, beginning from 2015, UNAD will be recognizing DADs which meet their obligations? This will be done at IDAW, UNAD website, facebook and newsletters. This will help in publicizing names of such districts.

We will also be identifying possible funders within such districts and help DADs write partnership proposals as well as acting as main reference for such districts.

YES, it’s compulsory for those who wants to remain members of UNAD and to benefit as examined above (1 – 6)