30 Oct 2017

UNAD Calls on Government to Interven And Save Ugandan Deaf Educational Facilities

UNAD Calls on Government to Interven And Save Ugandan Deaf Educational Facilities

 has ignored the plight of Deaf children by not taking a good care of the schools that are under its operation.

This follows a Saturday 25th October 2014 incident in Ngora School for the Deaf, Ngora District – Eastern Uganda in which Deaf pupils demonstrated the poor management of the school’s facilities among others. One of Uganda’s media houses. which broke up the story quoted the outraged students as saying “The teachers are not serious, they beat us for failing to express ourselves well in sign language and the food we are served with in most cases is very bad” This image shows a very painful life these Deaf children are going through.

Whereas its the government’s role to ensure that such schools – categorized as special needs Education facilities are well run and managed, UNAD’s role as an indirect monitoring arm has over the years been neglected, in some instance where policy briefs and advocacy messages have been shared with government institutions such, less action has been taken!

This makes it very complicated to realize a quality education which for much is one of the government’s commitments in the face of international legislations and treaties such as the MDGs.

UNAD has therefore released a press statement calling on the government and key role players especially Civil society to take action. We will be heightening this campaigns on social media and calling on the government to play it’s role and improve on the education of Deaf children country-wide.

Have a look at our facebook page here to join the campaign and call for Action!

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